Daily Track: "Whatever feat. KOLAJ by Kaskade"

Kaskade is one of the most realest producers and DJs that I follow. Much like his music he is an awesome human being and I am super excited for his new album "Automatic". Whatever featuring KOLAJ is that latest boppable single off the album.

  1. The first thing I picked up on when listening to this track was the lush sound of the atmosphere backing the track. This is not the norm for progressive house music and we can tell Kaskade is beautifully experimenting here.
  2. KOLAJ's beautiful aesthetic lifts you up as the kick drum plays the melody progresses. They are an electronic band based out of Los Angeles and definitely should  check out more of their stuff on Soundcloud.
  3. The track itself is very promiscuous and it leaves this, well...whatever vibe for the listener to feel. I think it is important to have that attitude sometimes in life because nothing is completely black and white. The world is forever changing and sometimes you just have to say "whatever" and roll with it. 

Listen to Whatever featuring KOLAJ below and be sure to pre-order Kaskade's album "Automatic" which drops on September 25th.