Daily Track: "Windows 95 N' Chill by Flamingosis"

The whole "and chill" trend going around right now is getting really annoying however I couldn't avoid sharing this Windows 95 N' Chill track from Flamingosis. This smooth track is perfect for this melancholic Thursday.

  1. Flamingosis is a soulful producer who has similar tastes as the late J Dilla and Flying Lotus. His tracks are authentic and raw with a vintage aesthetic.
  2. Windows 95 is the perfect way to introduce this track. As I listen to it I see myself coming home to my one bedroom apartment (that I could actually afford in 1995) to watch the latest episode of The X-Files and then I'll fall asleep on my keyboard as I type my novel on my Windows 95 machine. Oh what a time.
  3. The track incorporates different samples and field recordings that give it a rustic feel. In today's electronic heavy productions we miss the sampling of the 90s and 80s which is why I am glad that people like Aaron still make tracks like this.

Listen to Windows 95 N' Chill  below and be sure to follow Flamingosis on Soundcloud for more boppable beats.