Daily Track: "Without A Trace feat. Stalking Gia by Kill the Noise"

October 12 2015.jpg

Kill the Noise is a long time fave of mine and I am so excited to hear his new LP 'Occult Classic'. Kill the Noise's style is very different from current trends in EDM and it is refreshing to hear new music that isn't future house. The track that really caught my ear is Without A Trace featuring Stalking Gia. It is hauntingly beautiful.

  1. The track doesn't follow the traditional pattern of thirty seconds of build-up with hard hitting drums. Kill the Noise takes a melodic approach with haunting keys and field recordings to create sublime tension before the drop.
  2. Once we hear Stalking Gia's voice come through it is juxtaposed by the classic bass sounds that Kill the Noise is known for and the juxtaposition is what set's this track apart from all the other white noise out in the ether, 
  3. The track as a whole gets my head bopping and keeps me moving straight until the end. It is great to hear the direction Kill the Noise's new music is going and I can't wait to sit down to listen to the rest of the LP.

Check out Without A Trace below and be sure to cop 'Occult Classic' today.