Daily Track: "Wit Me Dub by Zeds Dead X Megalodon"

Weird music is where you will find originality and genre widening sounds that break musical barriers. It is also where one will find Zeds Dead latest track with Megalodon. Wit Me Dub takes me back to my roots and it is a boppable track for a moody Monday.

  1. Wit Me Dub carries a reggae vibe with the dubstep roots that Zeds Dead was founded on. With all the noise of big room and progressive house these days, it is refreshing to hear weird, reggae bass music. Megalodon treated the track with his unique LFO production and heavy bass lines, adding to the juicy weirdness.
  2. For me, this brings my mind back to 2010 when I was just starting out in my own production game and I was beginning to mess around with bass music. The Reno scene thrives on heavy bass lines and weird synth shots that create a gnarly bed of sounds. I may play for the Bay area now, but I will always rep bass music like Wit Me Dub.
  3. Whoever said that dubstep and bass music is dead is an idiot. The culture of bass music is thriving and always will. While the market may be over saturated with the Kygo knock-offs and future producers, there will always be a place for kids to bop their heads while getting weird on the dance floor to some gnarly bass lines. 

Turn on those subs, light a doobie, and listen to Zeds Dead and Megalodon's track Wit Me Dub below.