Daily Track: "Wouldn't Change A Thing by Jackson Breit"

I always encourage artists to submit their music to my blog directly. I read every email I get and I cycle through tons of Soundcloud links to find new music. Through all the noise a few artists shine through with a genuine sound and one of those artists is the soulful Jackson Breit. He just dropped Wouldn't Change A Thing which is a bluesy hip-hop track that put me in the best of moods as soon as I got to the second chorus. You may have never heard of Jackson before today but you definitely shouldn't sleep on this talented dude.

  1. When Jackson emailed me with this track he said to me, "It's a bluesy hip-hop track that I think would be up your alley..." and he was right. Wouldn't Change A Thing is a up-beat, soulful song that makes you want to bop your head and clap your hands; something I am always in the mood for anytime of the day.
  2. Jackson grew up playing all different styles of music and those influences come through in his newly released music. From his time playing the trumpet in a jazz band to singing in a reggae band to making hip-hop tracks in college, Jackson has grown into an artist who knows his sound and understands how to use all his tools to build a track. 
  3. What I really like about Wouldn't Change A Thing is the positive vibes that spew out and if the track wasn't enough to give you a fuzzy, warm feeling in your chest there is more. All the proceeds from the track will go to Cadence and Causean organization who will put the money towards the National Autism Association to raise money for families with autistic children. Pure awesomeness. <3

Listen to Wouldn't Change A Thing below, purchase the track to help people with different abilities, and be on the look out for Jackson's upcoming EP 'Shades of Marmalade' coming out in November.