Daily Track: "You Kill With Me Silence by Duran Duran"

August 19 2015.jpg

I never thought I would say that I am excited for a new Duran Duran album but lo and behold it is happening! The iconic band's new album 'Paper Gods' is set to drop on September 11th and they released a new single last Friday titled You Kill Me With Silence and it is uber boppable.

  1. I have always been a Duran Duran fan ever since I heard Hungry Like the Wolf when I was seven. The band is just timeless and they represent that new-wave 80s rock sound oh so well. Given the fact that they came out on stage with Steve Aoki a few years ago I shouldn't be surprised that the band is still kicking and making awesome music.
  2. The song itself is powerful and emotional. Between the flexing drum pattern mixed with the synth with an attitude and the angsty guitar solo the listener is fueled to bop and rage. This is the song you play going into war with a SO and it is the song you play at the end of the battle for makeup sex.
  3. This isn't really that big of a deal but, holy shit, that snare is one of my top favorite snares to be used in a song this year and it is fighting Taylor Swift's Blank Space for the number one position.

What are you waiting for?! Listen to the new Duran Duran single You Kill Me With Silence below and be sure to watch out for their new album 'Paper Gods'.